Raça Negra – Zurich – Jun/2014





Victor & Léo – Zurich – Abr/2016

Victor & Leo are producers, singers, composers, arrangers and musicians, whose mix of styles including folk, pop, romantic songs and Sertanejo.

The duo is considered one of the best in Brazil.

As children they heard Sertanejo songs of grandfather Radio. With 12 Victor goes to his first guitar lessons and at 18 he composed his first song, “Flor do Campo”.

In 2001 they moved to São Paulo, where she sang every night during six and a half years in clubs. From mid-2006 to several songs of them found simultaneously on the top positions of the playlists of radio stations across the country.

The duo has a very varied audience that includes people of all ages and social classes, and especially the children. It is common for them to pick up children on stage to sing.

They tour most of the year throughout Brazil, their hits all find always in the top 5, now they come for the first time in Switzerland.